EL43: Telescope

Key data

Category: EL - Education and Learning

Location: O (On loan)

Instructions: INSTRUCTIONS

Age range: 8+

Number of pieces: 24

Number of unique pieces: 18


4 boxes

1 counting guide

1 instructions

1 telescope

1 tripod

1 4mm eyepiece

1 20mm eyepiece

2 plastic canisters (for eyepieces)

2 plastic canister lids (for eyepieces)

1 mirror piece

1 plastic cap for mirror piece

1 silver screw for mirror piece

1 black plastic cap for mirror piece

1 plastic cap for telescope

1 silver ring nut for telepscope

2 silver screws for telescopes

1 black knob for telescope

1 black knob for tripod



Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: Small Parts - Not Suitable for Children Under 3